Who Is Scotty

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I began taking pictures as a young child after my parents bought me a 35mm point and shoot…sometime in the 80’s. For several decades, I just took pictures of places I went, the people I was with and anything interesting I saw. Sometimes the film wasn’t developed for several years. Photography was just something I liked to do.

Fast forward several decades and I find myself working with famous people and traveling to exotic locations and working on important projects…..and I still look at photography as something I enjoy doing.

If you want to hire me as your photographer, I will ask you what your vision is for my photographs, then I will do my best to achieve your vision using my experience and unique perspective, and of course my camera.

Anytime, Anyplace…..

phone: USA – 206.351.7200

email: scottytiptonphotography@gmail.com

Have a look at my other website for my sound engineering information: scottyaudio.net